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    Capital & JV Opportunity - Hamilton Duplex

    Amazing opportunity to own TWO units for the price of a single-family home! We are currently looking for money partners and mortgage holders for duplex conversions in the Hamilton and Brantford areas. You hold the mortgage, we cover the renovation costs. Excellent ROI, 45% immediate...
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    Looking for a contractor or flipper in Brantford area

    Looking for an experienced flipper or contractor in Brantford who is interested in collaborating on a couple of projects. Private capital is already sourced as well as the properties. Ideal opportunity for an established contractor wanting to share in the profits. Projects are estimated 3 month...
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    Looking for JV Money Partners for Turn-key Rental Portfolio in Guelph

    Looking for a JV money partner to provide capital and mortgage financing to acquire a turn-key student rental portfolio in Guelph. The portfolio consists of 2 townhouses, 1 detached and 1 semi-detached. Fully renovated with legal egress windows, tenanted, with room for significant improvement in...