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    Vacation property being foreclosed

    I have a family member who is having their home foreclosed on actually it will be shortly it is still prior to that. It is a very nice property with a high mortgage. Worth about 800,000, mortgage of 630,000, payments of 2800 per month. I can’t qualify for this mortgage or this purchase. The...
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    Edmonton Property Manager Seeks Assistant

    Hi Margaret, I called Sandy this morning regarding property management, she seems like a great person. Thank you for the referral Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
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    Edmonton Public Engagement for Suites in Semi-Detached Homes and High Rise Apartment Zoning

    Great idea to regulate and legalize suites in these semi detached properties! Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
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    Contractor Referrals

    My company works out of Abbotsford Damon. If you are looking to connect regarding the eastern valley, feel free to text or call 604 848 5446. We mainly do residential renovation work and I also work on investment properties. Flips, buy and hold etc...
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    Sell property with tenant or vacant?

    Well at least there are some people on these boards who can handle an honest question. For those of you who have the need to be sarcastic or unhelpful why don't you just butt out and move along:
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    Sell property with tenant or vacant?

    Thanks Martin, appreciate your detailed input
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    Sell property with tenant or vacant?

    Alvaro, not really a helpful comment.
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    Sell property with tenant or vacant?

    I own a four Plex which I am considering selling in Edmonton wondering what the group here thinks about selling a property tenanted or vacant? I'm not having a problem finding tenants so I'm just wondering if I should put a tenant in and then list it or leave it vacant for the new owner...
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    Any bathroom contractors recommended in Edmonton needed

    Naus Contracting Darren Naus (780) 289-3452 Does bathrooms regularly. Based in Sherwood Park, works all over Edmonton. I have done projects with him and his work is good and pricing fair
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    Home capital/HomeTrust in the news

    Reading headlines lately and it looks like home capital is having some significant financial challenges. I'm wondering if this means anything for those who may have mortgages with HomeTrust? And if his concern is there any action that should be taken? Thx
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    Looking for a contractor in Abbotsford.

    Hi Will, I am a contractor in Abbotsford and would be interested in discussing your potential projects. We primarily do renovation projects rather than new builds but have many contacts for new builds as well. All the best, Chad
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    Barrie Contractors

    He's killing this app
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    Research Resources

    Please stop SPAMMING !!